NFL Week 3 ATS Picks!

Welcome to week 3 of the NFL season!  I started off with a W on Thursday.  Of course I didn’t go against the Patriots at home as an underdog.  It’s pretty funny how many people took Houston.  I can’t trust a team vs the Patriots who have played two mediocre teams at home!  Plus the system Belichick has on offense is incredible you can put in any QB you want and they will find a way to win.

So far this week is looking to be a little difficult ATS.  There are two games with a spread of 10, three games with a spread of 8 and three with a spread of 5.  Those are all tricky spreads to deal with.

Miami is one of the 10 point favorites against Cleveland.  Cleveland is by far the worst team in the NFL this season especially since losing RGIII week one and McCown was banged up at the end of their game vs Baltimore.  I can see Miami covering this week only because of how well they played two of the best teams on the road so far.  Not to forget Cleveland has allowed over 2,000 rushing yards in the last calendar year which is by far the most in the NFL.  Seattle vs San Fran is the other 10 point spread.  I like Seattle in this match up simply because of how poor they played against Los Angeles in week two and barely pulling out the victory in week one vs Miami.  Look to see Seattle getting their offense together and including Jimmy Graham more into their scheme.  I can’t see San Fran doing that well again for a third straight week.

As for the 8 point spreads.  Carolina is one at home vs Minnesota.  So far I’m leaning towards the Carolina just because of how many injuries and adjustments the Vikings are currently going through.  It’s too much to deal with while preparing for the defending NFC champions.  Green Bay is another 8 point favorite at home vs Detroit.  This is also a tough game because both teams are coming off of losses.  I trust GB at home way more than DET on the road.  As for the last 8 point spread, Dallas should easily beat Chicago by 8 points.  I can’t see a rookie 3rd string coming in and making an impact on the road vs a gritty home team.

NFL Week 2 ATS Picks

As I stated in the Week 1 post, I apologize I’m so late with my picks.  I’ve been taking a course the week.  But now I’m going to be consistent with posting my weekly freebies and my weekly end result.  I want you guys to trust my picks so I’ll provide any necessary proof you guys need.  I will post ML picks as well but I am in so many different pools that are ATS I just focus on that.

Week 2 is always easier than week 1.  I am extremely disappointed in myself ALL week long I had Houston and New Orleans.  If I didn’t switch both I still wouldn’t have won the week simply because the guy who did win had exactly 43 points for the tiebreaker (I had 44) on Monday night.  Not to mention the Colts, actually Von Miller stabbing me in the heart with a strip sack TD to cover the spread.  There’s always at least one game a week like this, especially since you choose every game.

Hopefully week three I can take home the W.  6th out of 73 isn’t bad but of course only first takes home the prize.



NFL Week 1 ATS Picks

I sincerely apologize for being behind on my picks.  I will post a few freebies weekly but I will post the entire sheet after the week has passed.  Everything I do is obviously tracked so you can follow my W/L record as the season passes.

Week one is always the tougher of the 17 to succeed from.  Every team has high expectations and it’s almost impossible to base you decisions off preseason since the starters rarely play.  Some of these picks are complete let downs, while some are just pretty dumb when I look back haha.


About Me and My System!

        Hello everyone! First I would like to thank you for visiting my website, I appreciate any and all support! Let me explain a little bit about myself. My name is Matt I’m 23 years old and I am from Connecticut. All my life I have been pretty much addicted to all sports. I never really grew up watching cartoons I preferred to watch sports.  My favorite teams are the Celtics, Yankees, Rams, Michigan college football and North Carolina college basketball.  Yes I know those shouldn’t go together at all but they are the first teams I watched in each sport and I am a very faithful person so I always stuck with those teams.  One of my goals in life is to visit every NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL stadium/arena.  I just want to experience what it’s like to be a fan of that team.

       My mother used to run an office football pool against the spreads since I could remember (recently passed the duties onto someone else). Personally I have been investing into NFL games since 3rd grade. I loved just getting a sheet and choosing teams to win based on cities and colors haha.

       But as I grew older I started learning the art of sports investing (which I will explain in one second). I have always been successful winning a minimum of at least once a year and a max of four times in one season. I have also taken the crown for most wins in a season. Which is pretty good seeing that there has always been over 70 people entered into the pool per year. In the last year I started investing into MLB. I can honestly say I am above average in choosing winners. I am not at the level I feel I should be yet but of course I am going to continue to strive for proficiency. This upcoming 2016-17 NBA season will be the first time I will invest into the NBA. Together we can grow and develop different strategies for a successful system by analyzing data!

       I am here to provide a proven system for sports investing. Notice how I continue to use the word investing and not the word gambling. The definition of gambling is “to take risky action in the hope of a desired result”. Yes I am well aware we are taking a risk for a desired result.  The definiton of investingis “to expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit”.  As you see, the difference with investing is you are expecting to turn a positive profit, which we will definitely be doing together! Too many people lose tons of money because they don’t understand what they’re doing.

       The art of sports investing is pretty simple. So incredibly simple I can explain it with one word… Statistics! Of course we all know every respected sport has a million stats recorded. So it’s imperative we take advantage of the information provided to us! Every sport has a different trend that more than likely occurs in every match up.  I find value in different games/match ups that are inevitable winners.  I have a tab appointed to each sport on the menu bar that will explain individually what statistics to analyze.

       I also have a handicapper account on (that is my link) be sure to follow my picks on there as well!  I will be posting a few NFL picks per week, and daily MLB, NBA and NHL picks on here.  But ALL of my picks will be located on cappertek!

       Don’t ever be shy to share your picks or input on any matchup advice you may have!  Just click the contact tab above on the menu bar and voice your opinions. This is a blog to learn, win and profit money together!  Shall we get started?!